It was quite the eventful weekend! Webcomics Weekend was pretty cool. I got a mini-comic from KC Green. Got to finally meet Dawn Griffin, and spent most of the day chatting with David Gallaher and Bobby Timony. I also spent some money I didn’t have on some Dinosaur comics t-shirts, putting me in an awkward financial position for the rest of the month. Good one, stupid. Sunday I moved Ryan into my spare room, I’m going to have to do some handyman type work to make sure the place is livable for two people. I’m sure it won’t be long before you see some of his jokes sneaking back into comics here and there.

Today’s comic is the first AFTER the 8 page submission. I like to finish my storylines, regardless of what you might thing with the hanging open C@P  and MDW storylines. I loved the lower left group of panels here. I might try to do something like that in another project in the future. I think it worked really well.