Hey everyone! I’m happy to be back from hiatus! The last month hasn’t been as productive as I’d hoped, but it was nice to relax from comics for a little while. I have a couple months of updates ready to go, and hopefully now that my hiatus is ended I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things. It looks like Ryan is moving back to Manch, so it’ll be good for my stress levels to have someone sharing the rent, and hopefully it’ll be good for the comics to have someone helping writing duties. I’ve been wanting to work on some Children at Play comics, and having one of my writers around has always been a great catalyst for that. Also I’ll have someone to play racquetball with, which will help get FatKid updates going again too.

Today’s update is the title card for My Lil’ Zombies. This is the second submission I’ve had rejected from Zuda. Chuck thinks this comic is better than Out of this World, but I think I enjoyed doing OotW more. It’s a parody of 80’s kids shows and zombie movies mashed together. Johnny goes to daycare everyday, but no one else seems to notice that most of the other kids are zombies. Everyday he does whatever he can to just survive, learning valuable lessons along the way about the importance of sharing, and conserving ammo.